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Titanium Sheets and Plates are one of our best-selling products at TML, and here's why. We have thickness’s ranging from 0.5mm to 10mm Thk (other thickness’s are available upon request) and lengths up to 3 metres. The grades range from GR1, GR2, GR4 and GR5 we do offer other grades with lead This will be clearly identified on the product with a stencil approving what Grade, specification, TML, and heatnumber it is. The majority of our sheets are annealed, which gives them an appealing smooth surface, but we also offer pickled and other finishes. Below are industries TML supplies: 

  • Seawater industries

  • Underground industries

  • Oil & Gas industries

  • Sewage & Water Supply systems  

1.27mm Thk x 1000mm x 2500mm Lg – Grade 4 Sheet


Anodizing is a very big industry now especially in Europe, which is why our customer is in demand of Titanium. From this specification stated above he produces Titanium racks for his clients. Titanium is popular with his clients because it does not require stripping after anodizing and can be customised with a variety of fingers, clips, and other contact points. Titanium, when compared to other metals, has a longer life doing this job than others Grade 4 as it is recognised for its properties as the strongest pure Ti Grade.  

10mm Thk x 1000mm x 2000mm Lg – Grade 2 Plate


This plate is used by one of our clients to create 'Platinised Titanium Anodes.' This means that the platinum and titanium have been combined. Titanium anodes work well with platinum because of each others qualities: Titanium has excellent corrosion resistance and platinum possesses excellent electrochemical properties, together this makes a profitable investment.



Grade 5 Titanium is so commonly used for subsea applications due to its exceptional strength—it is far stronger than commercially-pure titanium with a UTS of 950 Mpa and a 0.2% proof of 880 Mpa.

Grade 5 titanium also has exceptional corrosion resistance and is impervious to a wide range of marine and offshore oil and gas environments. At temperatures less than 82 deg C crevice corrosion and pitting are totally absent, even if marine deposits form.

Typical Applications:

Subsea Valves
Subsea Sensors
Valve Bodies
Subsea Cameras
Subsea Connectors

What TML has to offer:
We have a full stock range of Grade 5 bar from 5mm dia through to 14” dia here on the shelf in our West Bromwich Facility and can offer larger diameters on request. In addition TML also offer a wide range of extra services such as precision sawing, water jet cutting and fully machined components.



Titanium Mesh is used in a huge variety of industries such as: Aerospace, Shipbuilding, Mechanical, Petroleum, Chemical, Surgical and Security. In the Shipbuilding industry, the ship has many filters and strainers, the most basic of filters Titanium Mesh is used for is the water filter which stops the solid impurities from the sea entering the system. Titanium Mesh has a strong resistance to acids and alkalis, this is ideal for filtering in chemical engineering as the material does not corrode. In the security industry Titanium Mesh has proven its strength and durability, with its high corrosion resistance the mesh can be fenced outdoors without the worry of rust or defect.

Mechanical Properties:
Grade 1 Titanium is lightweight and has a high formability value giving the mesh very high tensile strength and low density which is very beneficial for bends and shaping.

Low initial cost:
Its natural corrosion resistance, means it needs no corrosion allowance. Therefore it can be specified in thinner cross-sections, using less metal per unit of area.

Excellent Weldabilty:
Our Titanium Mesh is Grade 1 commercially pure, Its the most softest and ductile grades of Titanium, perfect for welding. 



TML has CP Jig section in a range of sizes. CP Grade 2 is initially ideal for this product due to its high tensile properties. Our Jig section is available in a variety of sizes and lengths ranging from 3000-4000mm Long. We know how popular it is based on our customer relationships therefore we are equipped with common sizes such as:


  • 6.35 mm (0.25 inch square)

  • 9.5 mm (0.37 inch square)

  • 12.7 mm (0.5 inch square)

  • 19.05 mm (0.75 inch square)

  • 25.4 mm (1 inch square)


The material can be used for a selection of applications, including:


  • Fixtures

  • Anode Baskets and Cages

  • Anodizing Jigs

  • Aerospace compartments


Our Titanium Jig is fully Annealed and certified in accordance with ASTM B348


What is Anodizing?

Anodizing is also known as Electroplating. It refers to the use of another metal to coat or design another. This involves coating the surface of either aluminium or titanium with the substance found beneath the oxidised surface layer. Sulphur and copper are not instructed to be used in this process. Aluminium is used because it is inexpensive and capable of performing the task at hand, but titanium is superior due to its strength.
Titanium should be favoured over Aluminium because it can withstand more heat and does not form films that must be removed after each use.

What can TML offer?


We have a huge quantity of Jig section on the shelf, available for delivery in the UK and Overseas call us to today to get in touch with a specialist.



Our highlight specification for Pipe is fully forged and precision machined Grade 5 Titanium 6AL-4V Tube, 130mm OD x 109mm ID x 576mm
These particular components are being used for a sub-sea pressure housings. The customer has changed their regular Super Duplex housings to Titanium to over come several challenges faced by the application:

Mechanical Properties:
Grade 5 Titanium has a significantly higher yield strength and strength-to-weight ratio than duplex alloys.

Low initial cost:
Titanium’s high strength and low density, combined with
its natural corrosion resistance, means it needs no corrosion allowance. Therefore it can be specified in thinner cross-sections, using less metal per unit of area.

Crevice corrosion & pitting immunity:
At temperatures less than 82 deg C crevice corrosion and pitting are totally absent, even if marine deposits form.

Bio fouling:
Where Super Duplex life expectancy is less than
acceptable due to bio fouling, titanium’s oxide film is uncompromised by marine deposits.

Please contact us with your Titanium requirements for sub sea and Oil and Gas applications:



Titanium Wire


Titanium wire is ideal for tough industrial applications. Titanium weld wire is a perfect material to use for your fabrication requirements. Titanium is chosen because of its unique combination of high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, bio compatibility, and higher temperature performance.

Stock specifications


  • AWS A5.16 - 90 ERTI

  • AWS A5 16 – 2007 ERTI

  • ASTM B348

(*Other specifications are available upon request)


Titanium weld wire can be used in a wide range on industries some of which are listed below:


  • Automotive

  • Petrochemical

  • Oil & Gas

  • Metal Fabricators


We sell Titanium Wire in Grades 2, 3 and 4 from 1mm to 5mm diameter. The wire can be 'Annealed' or 'Pickled' finish.


What is Annealed?


Annealing is a heat treatment process that increases a material's ductility while decreasing its hardness. Annealing is commonly performed after a material has been hardened.

What is Pickled?


Pickling Titanium can help anodize Titanium. This is because it creates a metalically pure surface that is free of oxides and other metal contamination. The pickled finish has a satin to matt gloss appearance. 



Titanium Fasteners

Do you require a 1000mm long Threaded rod, M20 Hex nuts or M6 DIN 125 Washers, TML is certain to have what you require. Titanium hexagon bolts, washers, and setscrews in sizes ranging from M3 to M24 are available from us (Availability upon request). All of our fastener material complies with ASTM B265, B381 and B348 Grade 2 or Grade 5.


Why Choose Our Titanium Fasteners?


  • High Corrosion Resistance

  • High yield strength

  • High tensile strength

  • Excellent Compressive and Impact strength

  • Different Mill Finishes


The majority of industries we market to are:


  • Automotive

  • Industrial Engineering

  • Oil & Gas

  • Metal Fabricators

  • Wholesalers

  • Engineering


What TML has to offer?


Call us today to speak with one of our experts about how we can assist you.



TML stocks a wide variety of Titanium Tube, we include sizes ranging from 6.05mm OD to 76.2mm OD (Other sizes available upon request) With lengths up to 6000mm long. Different wall thickness’s are in stock depending on your requirements. All our Tubes are within accordance of ASTM B338 and supplied with the option of Seamless or Welded.


Different types of tests we check:


  • Flattening Test

  • Hydrostatic Test

  • Pneumatic Test

  • Flaring Test

  • NDT/NDE Test


Industries we have worked with:


  • Oil & Gas

  • Medical

  • Metal Fabricators

  • Marine

  • Processing Plant

  • Leisure



TML can machine whatever you need machining, no matter how big or small. Our chain of professionals use CNC machining for precise cutting. Water-jet cutting is also an option. We have dealt with both large and small quantities over the years, so we have a good understanding of how to work with clients to ensure they are satisfied with their purchase.


Here are some examples of parts we have supplied:


  • Flanges

  • Gaskets

  • Fittings

  • Valves

  • Stub Ends

  • Rings


Titanium supplied within accordance of ASTM B381


What you can do from here


If you are looking for Machined parts, give us a call on 0121 557 7557. We will need drawings and specifications.

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